Safest Way To Travel With Dog In Car

Taking your dog with you whenever you are on a journey is very challenging indeed. However; it can be a satisfying and fulfilling experience for both the dog and the owner if it is well-planned. Embarking on any journey with a dog is like traveling with a child.

It is always easier to journey alone because you can force yourself to keep on going for more extended periods without complaints or stopping. But you cannot do that when you are traveling with your dog. You will find out that the dog has numerous needs which you must take care of if you want the trip to be a safe and sound one.

When you are traveling with your dog, you will be expected to stop for two to three-hour intervals to let the dog out for leg stretching or ease themselves. If you do not take all the necessary precautions and consider all critical factors, you will find yourself facing a highly stressed journey with your dog.

This is the reason you should carefully plan and pay every attention to each detail whenever you want to travel with your dog. You should extensively plan your travel in time to enjoy a successful journey with your dog. As you have the interest to own a dog, you will have to all the rest for its care.

Things you must provide:

There are certain items which are important to have if you want to have an enjoyable and successful travel with your dog. They are the following;

  • You should get a substantial amount of dog food.
  • Secure some toys for the dog to play.
  • Provide a crate for the dog to travel in.
  • Bring along the bed for your dog to sleep.
  • It is crucial to pack your pet’s first aid box that is well-equipped.
  • You should bring along a dog leash.
  • Dog playpen to carry and keep it.
  • It is important also to bring along several glasses of water and food bowls.
  • Bringing a harness or collar for your dog is also important.
  • The dog will also need identification tags
  • You should also pack in some water jugs.
  • Including a pooper scooper in the items for the journey is also important.

After you must have secured all the above-stated items which are necessary for the success of the journey, the next thing to do is to;

  1. Visit your veterinary doctor’s office

This is an important step to take to find out the health status of your dog before traveling with it. It will also help to get your dog inoculated against certain diseases which it might meet on the trip.

2. Make the necessary hotel or motel reservations

Carry out searches online or otherwise to locate pet-friendly hotels or motels ahead of time if you plan on staying in one with your dog. Gather all the above-listed items which you must use while on the journey.

3. Then try to prepare your dog ahead of time.

For instance, you can train it on how to stay in a dog crate. According to the standards of the American Kennel Club, putting your dog in a crate is the best and safest mode of traveling with your dog. It is a sure way to keep your dog happy and safe as far as the crate is big enough for the dog to turn in, stand or sleep.

Make sure that the dog crate you purchased is adequately ventilated and keep it in a corner in your house where your dog will have access to it.  Doing this will enable the dog to get acquainted with the crate before the journey.

4. Put the bed and most of the toys which you have provided for the dog inside the crate.

Knowing that dogs cannot easily stay still for long periods; it is imperative to keep toys that can perfectly keep your dog happy and occupied.

5. While on the journey, make sure that you stop at intervals like two to three hours intervals.

These stoppages will enable your dog even yourself to take exercise breaks and urinate or perform the potty duty. The breaks for walking or running a bit will help you to keep your dog healthy a happy throughout the entire journey.

6. Properly feed your dog with excellent and tasty food as you are traveling.

Make sure that the feeding schedule is maintained strictly though. Also, provide your dog with enough fresh water to drink for the entire journey. Remember to feed and give the dog water in moderation to curtail an excess potty break.

7. Always pay attention to your dog while traveling.

Make sure that you do not let the dog alone inside your vehicle throughout the entire journey.

8. Always make sure that your car is safe for the dog to be.

For example: the doors of your vehicle must be properly locked at all times. Even as you lock the doors, you should always check and cross-check them at intervals to prevent a smart dog that is capable of opening a not adequately closed door.

You may think that it is far-fetched for a dog to open a car door but it is not so. Some car door handles are easy to open and when the paw of a dog accidentally hooks up to it, the door can be opened easily when the dog is trying to pull free.

9. If your car is the kind that is equipped with power windows, make sure that you get those disabled.

This is because; your dog can easily press the buttons on the windows accidentally and this might cause danger to them if they escape from there.

10. Do not forget to keep the crate where the dog is properly latched at all times.

Make sure that the crate which you are using for the dog is properly certified and up to the standards of the Americans Kennel Club.

11. Position the dog’s crate in the back seat of your vehicle while traveling.

This is to protect your dog from suffering any injury in the event of your car’s airbag deployment.

Things to avoid:

There are certain things which you should not do while you are traveling with your dog to maintain you and your dog’s safety. They are as follows;

  • Do not carry your dog on your lap while driving no matter the amount of love you have for your pet. This can cause a distraction to you as you are driving and May likely lead to an accident.
  • Don’t use a seat belt to secure your dog while traveling with it? Seatbelts are not the safest and proper instruments to secure an active dog.
  • Do not allow your dog to ride outside your vehicle or at the back of your truck if you are traveling with one.
  • Whenever you park your car, always make sure that you stay with your dog, or if you need to exit the car, you should go together with your dog.
  • Do not travel with your dog unless you received the go-ahead order from your veterinary doctor.
  • You should also know the dog’s travel laws.

Now, let’s watch the video:

It may not be easy to travel with your dog but it can be really fun. Just think of it as a baby and apply caution so that your dog will be safe.

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