Taking A Dog Camping For The First Time: Must Learn!

Taking your pet dog for camping trips has become one of the trendy activities for dog owners recently. To be precise, any dog owner that has not taken his or her dog on a camping trip has not started. That is if you are fully prepared to take care of it and if you know what to do.

If you do not know what to do, be sure that you are heading towards disaster. Taking a dog out to camp changes their routine and placing them in the unfamiliar environment. This may induce the dogs to sickness, discomfort or they can even become aggressive.

For dogs that have been going out to camp, it is a bit easier but for first timers; you need to break them in on the idea gradually.

People who are going out to camp with their dog for the first time and old time campers usually learn their mistakes the hard way. That is why we are using this article to help you to have a memorable first experience with your dog when you go out camping or traveling.

If you want to have a successful first time camping experience with your four-legged friend, there are certain things you should do first. We have discuessed some of them here at PJsPet. Keep reading…

  1. Purchase a sizeable tent:

Make sure that the shelter you and your dog will sleep in is considerable enough to accommodate you comfortably. Discomforts tend to get both humans and the dog cranky. Having enough room and a comfortable place to sleep in should be a priority.

1. Teach your dog how to sleep in a tent

For a dog to sleep inside a tent for the first time may be a traumatic experience if you did not prepare adequately. That is; you should use your backyard as a rehearsal ground to train your dog for tent sleeping. You should bring out your sleeping bag in your backyard and try sleeping inside it with your dog. This process will help you to familiarize your dog with sleeping outside while inside a tent.

 2.Get your dog familiar with traveling in your car

If your dog is the type that is not used to staying in a car and going to long distances, get it acquainted with the act. Put the dog in your car several times before the camping trip and take it on short trips. This will help the dog to get accustomed to staying inside a car and traveling for a long distance.

3. Familiarize your dog with the sounds and views of nature

Try to make your dog get accustomed to the natural sounds and sights so that it can sleep well on the camping trip. These natural sounds are usually distracting for first timers who are not used to them. That is why; it is imperative to take your dog out walking around the natural environment. You can even take your dog out of runs to prepare it for the camp activities.

4. Protect your dog against infections such as tick or fleas

Make sure that you remembered to carry out several precautionary measures that will protect your dog from contacting tick or flea diseases.

5. Let your first aid kit be available always

It is essential to prepare for eventualities like accidents. That is why; packing up the first aid when going on a camping trip with your dog is vital. The first aid kit should be filled with both human and dog supplies.

6. Always maintain your dog’s schedule:

Whenever you take your dog camping, it is important to always stick to their normal routine. This is a sure way to bring normalcy to the unfamiliar environment of the camp.

7. Get a leash on the dog

It is necessary to bring a tie out for your dog which you can use to lead your dog around the campsite. Bringing the leash is helpful especially when there are camp rules to follow. Again, your dog will have room to walk about on its own.

8. Maintain a favorable temperature

You should try to regulate the temperature that you are exposing your dog. Make sure that the environment is not too hot or too cold to minimize your dog’s discomfort. Bringing along your dog’s jacket, blankets and sleeping bag is helpful to achieve this goal.

Finding the appropriate shade and providing your dog with enough water if it is a summer camping trip is also beneficial.

9. Provide your dog with a comfortable sleeping spot

Normally, dogs, like to sleep often during the day which makes it is vital to place them in a comfortable position to carry out their pastime. Providing them with cots or their beds set in a cozy spot is an excellent way to have a happy dog.

10. Secure all the essentials

You should make sure that all the important things needed for the camp trip are available. Securing all of them will prepare you for an enjoyable and successful camping trip with your dog.

11. Choose the appropriate spot

The best place to take your dog to its first camping trip should be at a calm place that will not get him too excited. This measure is necessary so that there will be less damage control in the case of emergencies.

12. Important tools that are vital for the camping trip with your dog:

It is true that your dog is not a human being, yet it still needs some level of comfort when it goes out camping. Below are the necessary things which you should not do without if you are going to camp with your dog;

13. A Tent

It is essential to get hold of a tent that can accommodate both you and the dog comfortably. Even if the tent you can lay your hands on is a small one, it should be able to house you and your dog efficiently.

14. Carabiners

These are inexpensive and straightforward tools which come in handy for your camping trip. You can easily attach the leash of your dog on the carabiners and hook it up to your bag for a freer movement.

15. Drinks and foods

Another essential camping tool to take along with you when camping out for the first time is food and beverages. You should make sure that you pack enough food and beverages that will entertain you and your dog. The well-fed dog tends to produce one happy and obedient companion.

16. Retractable bowls

These bowls are necessary for your camping trip, and you can easily attach it to your camp bag using a carabiner. In fact, the retractable dish is a must-have if you are going on a camping trip with your dog.

17. Towels

If you are a dog owner, you must be aware that dogs tend to roll on the ground a lot no matter the particular place they may find themselves. You don’t need to sleep in the same tent with a dirty dog. That is the reason you should pack a lot of towels on your camping trips. Securing the micro-fiber towels is very important because they can quickly dry.

Camping with your dog can be fun as long as you prepare adequately for the trip. Gather the necessary items and follow our tips for a wonderful time out with your pet.

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