When Is It The Right Time To Bring A Pet at Home?

The simple answer is… when you and your family are ready. Making a decision to bring home a new family member requires being physically, emotionally and financially ready to accept the responsibilities that come with having a new pet in the household.

  1. Visit any one of our stores and speak to any of our knowledgeable Pet Care Associates. They will be happy to answer any questions you have in a low-pressure consultation. We have more than 4 decades of experience as well as access to many tools and unbiased insight to help you choose the most appropriate pet.
  2. Investigate and interact with more than one potential pet. This will help determine which pet is more comfortable and most suitable for your family and lifestyle.If you think a puppy, kitten, bird, small pet, reptile or fish is what you are looking for, we have the largest selections available and we’ll help you decide which one is the perfect fit.
  3. Research where the retailer gets their pets from and how they care for their pets while in the store. For instance, our puppies are from private breeders that are inspected regularly and follow CVMA guidelines for kennel practices and a licensed veterinarian examines all puppies and kittens in the store before they are offered for sale.All of our pets, whether baby parrots, rabbits or exotic fish, are treated with the highest level of attention while in our care, are fed premium foods, and are given the socialization appropriate for their species.
  4. Be prepared to spend a lot of time with your new pet at first. This will ensure a close bond and help your pet adjust to their new home. This is particularly important if it is a new puppy or kitten you are considering. This may mean bringing the pet home when you have some time off work or when any children are home from school.
  5. Be prepared to take your new pet to a veterinarian as recommended for routine care.
  6. Don’t buy a pet for someone else. The thought is always well-intentioned but the ultimate decision to choose should be the recipients. We recommend a gift card as a great alternative that will allow the receiver to be a part of the decision.
    We will include a Pet Care Guide and Shopping List with a gift card to help the recipient with their choice. If you do buy a pet as a gift, make sure the recipient and anyone who lives with them is aware beforehand and is ready.
  7. Be prepared to spend quality time interacting with your pet throughout its life.

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When you are ready to welcome a pet into your family our dedicated team of professional pet lovers will be available to walk you through the process, helping you take your new pet home responsibly and confidently.

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