New Dog Shopping List: Things You Must Have

What comes to your mind hearing of a sweet pet and it’s owner? Let me guess- both happy and jolly playing with each other, right?

Well, this might be the brightest part, but there are other shades of being a pet owner, especially dog owner. A lot of hassle, including a long list of super-shot items comes with it.

And necessarily, you need to collect certain items of them before you even bring the pet home. Other items can be bought later.

So, when thinking of a dog pet there are some must have things you need to provide to your pet. And your pet will be so decent to you and show its love to you.

Here I am discussing on must have things of new dog of which you are feeling the necessity.

Shopping list of new dog

You may buy the loveliest and warmest things for your dogs but first, there are some must have things you have to buy. The list of the things is here:

  1. Crate:

The dog feels safe in the crate when that fits its size. To call its own, a dog needs a crate. There are three types of crates: wire, which has better ventilation; cozy, it is cozy; cloth, it is lightweight. Crates offer security and containment; also separation and house training. But sometimes don’t try this on huge ones! Dogs can lay down its crate and find it comfortable.

Some dogs may love coziness, for these, you can provide plastic sidings or blanket on top of the wire crate. And this will be wonderful one also look nice.

  1. Furniture protectant:

Before bringing a new member in your family, you need to have a furniture protectant to keep all the things clean. There can be germ or dirt on your furniture or floor surface. Spray this on surface and clean couch or rugs first. You can also keep carpet cleaner of any brand which can work wonders.

  1. House training pads:

For avoiding housetraining accidents, these pads are the must have if you are bringing a puppy into your home. These have a pet detectable scent which may attract your pet during bathroom breaks.

But not for every type of dog. Place the pad near the entrance door or wherever you want to train your new dog pet to wait when it needs to go outside. And you will be two steps of the training game. As like as the puppies, old dogs also have the necessity of house training pads.

Dogs require a lot of training when these are in a new environment. You must be patient when you are a trainer for your new dog.

  1. Fence:

When you are planning let your dog free in the yard, you just need a fence. Your new pet can escape so you have to provide a dog proof fence to prevent its escaping. Make it sure that other animals from outside can’t get in through the fence. Don’t think of electric fence because these are not ideal for preventing other animals from getting outside.

Also, your dog may run beyond the fence even though it gets shocked and then won’t be able to come inside. So put normal but escaping proof fence in your yard.

  1. Baby gates:

You should provide baby gates if you want your dog to not enter in a specific place at your home. Confirm that a baby gate fits your dog size because if the space between the bars is larger than your puppy’s size then you can’t help it from entering in that place.

Don’t use old-fashioned baby gates because this can close on puppy’s neck. If you have your newborn baby at your home, you may want the distance of dog from your baby. Undoubtedly you can provide a baby gate there.

  1. Bed:

Bed can be of your own choice for your dog. You can give your dog a cardboard box with warm and comfortable towels over it. Or may provide miniature bedroom suite matching to yours. But for new dog pet leave the fancy beds as dogs have chewy urges. So be with normal ones until it leaves its chewy urge.

  1. Exercise Pen:

The exercise pen is a dog’s playpen and it is four foot-by-four-foot portable enclosure. It is safe for dogs because it doesn’t have the feeling of closed-in that a small room gives. You may be thought of locking your puppy in a bathroom but an exercise room is a better option than it. Read our best dog playpen buying guide.

Keep it anywhere better where you can keep it as a part of your family. These exercise pens are best when you are traveling as you can keep your dog apart from bolting out of hotel rooms.

  1. Anti-chewy spray:

New dogs like to chew anything as these are not trained. Furniture legs, exposed wires, carpet etc. of your house. The habit can cause your loss as well as harm.

So to break the habit of your puppy spray this spray on your furniture and other things at least few times a day. As the spray tastes bitter, your dog won’t like it. When it’s wet, this spray works better so spray throughout the day. If you need to spray on wires, exercise caution. For older dogs, you may not need the spray, but for puppies, it’s must.

  1. Distilled white vinegar:

New puppy or dog doesn’t know where to poop as your place is new to it. So if it does such thing clean it with a household carpet cleaner, then sprinkle the area with water and white vinegar solution. Dogs don’t like the smell of the vinegar so it will avoid the place. At which your dogs do an accident there use this.

  1. Collar or harness:

The harness is necessary to control your dog and also for identifying it. A martingale collar is a good choice when you are walking on the street because it’s head can’t be slipped. Don’t leave a collar on your puppy because this can strangle your dog or get caught on things.

Make sure that the collar you are choosing is loose enough so that there is space of two fingers between the collar and dog’s neck.

Final verdict

Having a new dog is always so much enjoying if you love dogs. As having a pet is your hobby you have to take care of your pet. And with caring, you also provide it the necessary things of dog which can give your pet comfort.

As well as the things which give it safety and also your home. so from here, you come to know what are those things. So why late! Purchase these must have things for your new dog and be a good owner!

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