What You Need To Know About Dog Grooming

The task of grooming a dog is amongst the basic needs of a dog that should not be neglected or ignored. Just as human beings need to take proper care of their body, the dogs you keep as pets also need the same care.

It is a necessity to make your dogs to look and feel good always. It is true that you don’t need to bathe your dog as regularly as a human being, but you still need to know how to keep the dog well-groomed and neat.

Keeping your dog well-groomed and neat always make the dog healthy and happy. Grooming a dog, in reality, depends on the species of the dog that you have. If the breed of your dog is the type that has an ear, a nail condition or skin, it is essential to follow the guidance of your veterinarian. You should also make use of the correct tools that are needed for the job.

Grooming your dog is not all about doggie hairstyles. It is an important part of their life which should be introduced to them early in their life. Although the grooming process will help to keep your dog clean and healthy, it is also a sure way to bond with your pet.

Even if you prefer to send your dog to the care of professional groomers, there are certain things you need to be aware of as the dog owner and that is the essence of this article. Below are some necessary instructions on how to properly groom your dog to ensure its emotional and physical well-being.

  1. You should prepare the dog early on in its life

Starting soon in the life of the dog to touch it clean it or groom it is a necessity. It will help your dog to get accustomed to the whole procedure rather than getting angry or aggressive. That is why; it is imperative that you start right from the time that the dog is still a puppy. Just make sure that while carrying out the task, your dog should be comfortable always.

 2. The grooming process should commence early

Almost 99% of the dogs find it a traumatic experience to receive grooming. That is why; grooming your dog should be started soon. If you start early to groom your dog, the dog can quickly adapt to the grooming process and come to expect it from you. Every dog needs to be groomed and trimmed in order to avoid having matted fur.

3. Regularly brush the fur of your dog

Just like you endeavor to brush your hair every day, you should do that to your dog also. The fur of your dog should stay clean every day, but if you don’t have the time, you can do it every few days in a week. This is to prevent the fur of your dog tangling and having knots.

4. Always examine the ears and the feet of your dog

Make sure that the ears, the nails and the feet of your four-legged friend should be clean at all times. Examine these parts of your dog daily so that you can locate any dirt or debris that have attached itself to them and take it out. If they are not taking out, your pet is liable to suffer much discomfort.

5. Always groom the furs of your dog

Do not say that because you brush the furs of your dog regularly, it is enough. You should also make sure that the furs are groomed every day. Grooming your dog’s fur and nails every day will likely result in a healthy and happy dog with a shiny coat.

6. Remain calm and proper always

The dog is a compassionate creature that always picks on the body language of its owner and acts accordingly. If the owner of the dog is anxious or angry, the anxiety or anger will be transmitted immediately to the dog.

That is the reason; you should always maintain your cool whenever you are grooming your dog or dropping it off to a professional groomer. Do not show that you are worried especially if the dog is being groomed by a professional groomer as this will get the dog excited.

7. Be precise with what you want for your dog

This is for the benefit of those that require the services of a professional groomer. Always specify in details what you wish that groomer to do. Either you want your dog’s nail trimmed, or you may wish the fur brushed or trimmed. You may even want the groomer to do all of them just say so to avoid misunderstandings.

8. Do not fear to bath your dog

Bathing your dog is not a big deal that you should be afraid of doing. It is a simple task to perform as far as you make use of the appropriate shampoo. Bathing your dog at all times will surely keep your dog healthy and free from skin diseases.

9. Do not allow the fur of your dog to matt

If the furs of your dog are matted, it tends to pull on the skin of your dog, and this will cause significant discomfort to your dog. Again the task of untangling those matted furs is another severe problem altogether. That is why you should not allow the furs of your dog to matt in the first place.


Tips on how to have a successful grooming session with your dog:

  • Remember that the dogs have teeth and can use it to bite you if you anger them. Therefore, be careful and patient with them while grooming.
  • Be creative when you are grooming the dog: Make sure that you find ways to keep the dog happy and relaxed.
  • Do not rush the job: Always groom your dog slowly and with patience.
  • Dog grooming is a dirty job to do, but you should not feel revolted while doing it or else your dog will surely pick it up.
  • Expect your dog to be fussy and provide a remedy for that always.
  • You may get yourself dirty and may smell like a dog, but you should put all those things in stride.

Grooming your dog should be one of the things that you will do for your pet. Start very early in the life of your dog so that you can reduce the trauma for it.

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