How To Trim Your Dog Nails: Learn Details

Trimming the nails of your dog is a significant activity which every dog owner should carry out regularly. When you cut the nails of your dog frequently, your dog will look good always. Its nails will also be protected from breaking off on its own which might cause infection and pains to the dog.

Allowing your dog to carry long nails can change the steps of your dog which might cause lousy joint and bone diseases in your dog. As far as your dog is a very active dog, its nails should be trimmed at intervals for safety purposes. If you can make out time to trim your dog’s nail once every week, it is perfect but if you can’t; once every month will be suitable also.

This activity of trimming the nails of a dog is a fearsome task by both dog owners and the dog itself due to the stress involved for both parties. That is why; the dog owners need professional guidance to calm their fears and to learn the best techniques to trim and groom their dog’s nails.

Also; they need to determine the best way to ease the concerns of their dogs so that they will be comfortable throughout the whole nail trimming process.

I believe this is the essence of this article. We are going to help you with this article to make a rather stressful and feared activity a comfortable and enjoyable task.

Things you will need for the dog nail trimming

When you have decided to groom and trim the nails of your dog, the next thing to do is to secure the best tools for the job. Such devices like;

  • The nail clippers

There are various types of nail clippers on the market today which are easy and straightforward to use. You can make use of the scissors-type of nail clipper or the plier’s type of nail clipper if your dog is on the big side. If your dog is a small dog, it is better to purchase the guillotine type of nail clipper.

  • Dog treats

Another important tool that you will need for a successful nail trimming session for your dog is enticing treats. The treats will make your dog to be comfortable and to regard the nail trimming process as an enjoyable experience each time.

  • A clotting powder or a Styptic powder

This tool is vital for the nail trimming session in case of when you accidentally cut the nails too close or short to cause bleeding.

  • Choose the best time

It is essential to find out the appropriate time which will be suitable to embark on the dog nail trimming process. The best time may be when your dog is weak from eating, playing or exercising. This is because; your dog will be too tired to struggle or to wiggle.

Nail Trimming Proper:   

After you have secured all these tools that are necessary for the task, bring your dog closer and try to calm it down. Try to talk to your dog in a calm voice and rub his feet while sitting with it. If you notice that it has become comfortable with you handling its feet and legs for some time, you can then follow these procedures;

  1. The first thing to do is to locate the place you are going to cut first

You should stay clear of the quick of the nail which contains a nerve and a blood vessel. The quick of the nail usually looks like a tiny pink tube which crosses through the inside of the nails to the center before the tip ends. It is more noticeable in dogs that have the transparent nail, but with dogs that their nails are dark and colored, it is easy to overlook.

2. The next thing to do is to start cutting the dogs nail

It is essential to start by gradually decreasing the nails little by little.

3. Hold on to the foot of your dog with your palms gently but with a firm grip

Make sure that your hand is facing the same direction as the paw of the dog which is in front of the dog. Carefully wrap your fingers around the pads of the dog and hold still the part you are working on with your thumb. This is the best position to take if you are working on the front paws.

4. When you reach the back feet, you should allow your dog to lie on its side

This is the suitable way to ensure that the dog remains docile while you cut the back feet. You can even lay it down on a table to avoid bending down when you need to restrain the dog. Keep your hand on the dog’s body to enable you to grip the back feet for clipping.

5. Carefully examine the shape of your dog’s nail

Paying attention to every detail will show you that under the nail of the dog are straight but curved near the tips. When you are cutting, just cut off the nails tips with the clippers so as to maintain the straight line.  Remember at all times to cut the dog nails from the top down and not from side to side to prevent splitting of the nail.

6. When you are starting out, tip the nails.

Firmly hold the digit you are trimming and cut out little chips of the nails from the tip. Continue with this process until you have reached your desired height or when you begin to see the oval shape of the surface you have been cutting. This is a signal for you to stop cutting because you are reaching nearer to the quick.

In case you accidentally cut the quick, you should try to reassure and comfort your dog by giving it some of the treats you provided immediately without wasting time. The gift will help you to appease and to distract it so that you can continue with your task.

In the case where your dog is the angry and aggressive type that doesn’t like clipping its nails, it is better to get him a professional nail clipping.

7. The next important step in the process is to file the dog nails

Immediately you are through with the trimming of the nails; it is necessary that you file the nails. This process will help you to smooth the rough edges. Making use of a nail file will surely help you.

8. Give the dog time for a break

You may need to cut few nails before giving the dog a break and feeding it some of the delectable treats that you provided. This will surely calm your dog down an amenable for the next cutting session.

9. Time the cutting sessions

Make sure the next nail cutting session lasts longer than the last one. You should endeavor to cut more nails than you did previously. This is the best way to reduce the nail cutting period and to avoid your dog getting restless. This is because; keeping the dog inactive for an extended period will cause the dog to become antsy.

10. Always maintain you’re cool

Try to be calm and sure of yourself as this will also rub off on your dog. In case you accidentally cut close to the quick and induce blood, it is the proper time to rub the nail with the styptic power to stop it from bleeding.

Keeping the nails of your dog short will keep it safe from infection and other things like unnecessary pains. It is never easy to do it but since it is necessary, just follow our guide and make it an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

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