Best Dog Backpack Carrier: Reviews in 2018

I can't ever forget the look which my dog gave me the last time I was leaving without it. It was like this mournful expression that tugged at my heartstrings. Good for her because I rushed and picked a backpack carrier for her.

The funny thing though! We all miss our dogs when we leave them behind, isn't it?

As you remember that feeling, get a backpack so that, you can carry her next time. Instead of worrying or taking your little friend to the neighbor's house, you can hang her on your back and go.

You know what?

Dog's backpack is the most convenient way to go anywhere with your pet. The bags are safe, fun and easy to use on bike rides, during shopping, motorcycle rides, etc.


There are many brands now so, read this review and buying guide so that you can get the best. There are ten products which will not fail you. As you peruse, make a choice and enjoy the next outing with your dog.

Top 10 Best Dog Backpack Carrier Reviews

1. PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats and Small Dogs

This product design provides convenience for you and your pet whenever you are traveling or embarking on any outdoor ventures. As far as your pet is medium or small sized, this specific PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack is for you.

It carries a specific ventilation design to enable you to see and communicate with your pet as you are traveling. The backpack carries Sherpa soft bedding which your pet can comfortably relax.

To provide comfort for the carrier, this particular backpack has a safety buckle attached to it that will secure your pet as you are traveling.

There is even a chest and waist buckle attached to provide you with additional support. At the side of the backpack, pockets provided to enable you to store essentials like a collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated as you travel.

You can also choose the particular color that will match your pet since it has a variety of colors like pink, black, red, dark gray, light blue, royal blue and light gray respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • The length, width and height measurement for this product is 11. 5 x 9 x 16 which makes it suitable for medium and small size pets of 8lbs.
  • The backpack is appropriately ventilated to provide your pet with maximum airflow and for you to check on your pet at intervals.
  • Inside of the backpack has a cozy soft Sherpa lining to provide comfort and relaxation for your pet.
  • There are pockets provided on the side of this particular backpack where you can store a collapsible bowl for your pet's hydration.
  • To provide you and your pet with security, convenience, and perfect fitting, a chest and waist buckle is attached to this bag. 
  • There are even safety straps to hold down your pet to prevent escape.
  • This backpack has a high-quality profile due to the 600D polyester high-grade material used for the design.
  • You can even choose your desired color since there are seven different color options provided.

2. NICREW Legs out Front Dog Carrier, Hands-Free Adjustable Pet Backpack Carrier

The NICREW is a hand-free front carriers that will give you room to have adventures with your pet. The designer is meticulous and paid great attention to the design of this carrier's legs.

It is convenient, easy to use and provides additional comfort for you and your furry friend. It is a lightweight of 9 ounces or 250g to enable you to carry it in your front comfortably.

You will never have to worry about getting the appropriate size that will fit you and your pet since this front carrier has several size option from large, extra-large, small and medium respectively.

Make sure to secure the perfect fit, and you are good to go with your pet.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can easily access and remove this specific carrier due to the convenient on and off design.
  • Mesh panels are added to this carrier to enable optimum ventilation and accessibility for your furry friend.
  • The neck straps of this front carrier are expanded for extra comfort and additional shoulder pad for your convenience.
  • This model is a front design which will allow you and your pet to have great adventures together.
  • The leg openings are wide to give your dog enough room and provide stable security.
  • On the side are Velcro durable zippers which will provide you with an easy opening and closing of this carrier.

3. Prefer Pets-Premium Pet Carrier Backpack-Airline

This backpack is befitting for cats and small dogs. It is stylishly and thoughtfully made to enable you to take proper care of your pets.

The Prefer pet's carrier will provide your pet with security, comfort, safety, and convenience whether you are traveling by train, foot, plane or car. You can easily install your pet or bring it out from the backpack due to the side panel zipper.

On all the four sides of this carrier, mesh windows with bone shaping are installed to provide your pet with maximum airflow.

There is also a privacy cover which you can flip up or down situated on the front panel of the carrier. This cover can be used to close out distractions which will otherwise reduce any traveling anxiety attack of your pet.

The two shoulder straps are detachable and come with extra padding to provide you with comfort. To keep the carrier straight from the base,   there is an installation of a faux-fur floor mat which you can wash with the machine washer.

The design of Prefer pet's carrier comes from canvas fabric which is resistant to water.

It complies with the in-cabin carry-on standards of the popular airline down to making provisions for your pet's Identity card and luggage tag.

Highlighted Features:

  • There are two padded shoulder straps which are added to provide you with comfort.
  • The removable floor mat which comes from faux fur material is machine washable.
  • It has a dual use as a backpack carrier or over your shoulder.
  • The design for this particular carrier makes it the perfect backpack for cats and small dogs that weigh 20 pounds.
  • The fabric used in the design of this product comes from canvas and is resistant to water.

4. Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers/Backpack, Hold Pets up to 15 LBS

While looking for the best dog backpack carrier to carry your pet for cycling, walking, and hiking. Your pet can lie down, sit inside or even stick its head out from the top in enjoyment.

You can also use this specific backpack like a traditional carrier by laying it horizontal. It is durable, sturdy, comfortable and has easy to use.

The material used for the design is 600D x 600D oxford lining which is harmless and ensures your pet's comfort. The leash opening sewed in at the bottom of this carrier will enable you to keep your dog on its harness still.

This product comes with four mesh windows on the four sides to provide safety, maximum airflow and to allow your pet to look out as you travel. 

Inside of the carrier is covered with a soft fleece mat to provide your pet with optimal comfort. The carrier is padded thickly for convenience with pads which you can wash with a machine also for easy carriage.

The shoulder straps are sturdy with a comfortable handle for gripping and easy to adjust. Also included in this backpack attributes are a chest and waist strap for easier carriage.

You can conveniently install your pet through the front entrance of this carrier. Storing this backpack is easy since you can flatten it without causing any harm to the design.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with well-padded chest and shoulder straps which you can adjust to your comfort and to secure your carrier.
  • On the four sides are mesh windows to provide your pet with safety, visibility, and proper ventilation.
  • The base covering of this carrier can be removed for easier cleaning.
  • The design comes from high-quality material which makes it sturdy, durable and easy to carry your pet in for traveling.
  • Also provided is a leash opening which you can use to harness your pet for security purposes.

5. Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats by Pawfect.

This product is amongst the best pet's carrier which you can conveniently carry your pet in for hiking, travel, walking and any other outdoor activity you may like.

This carrier is for both men and women to use escape-proof and the standard for the design has the approval of the major airlines. There are two side pockets on this backpack where you can store your furry friend's leash, treats and any other accessory while embarking on your adventure.

You can even secure and safeguard your pet due to the zipper buckles, claw-proof mesh and the leash harness that you can tether your pet's collar.

The buckles added to the zipper is to make sure that the zip remains shut while the leash tether is to make sure that your fur friend remains in the backpack to prevent spills or accidents.

This carrier has additional thick padding, shoulder straps which you can adjust and sturdy back padding. It also comes along with two fleece mats which are interchangeable to provide you with an extra in case of emergency situations.

These paddings will provide you with lumbar support as you are traveling, hiking, walking or having adventures with your small friend. You easily and conveniently store this carrier since the design is foldable. This brand of carrier is easy to wash by hand with only water and soap.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two fleece mats are available for you to change in case of any eventuality, washable by hand with soap and water.
  • It comes with extra secure zipper buckles and claw resistant mesh for visibility and proper ventilation.
  • Attached to this backpack is a leash tether which you can use to harness your pet's collar for safety and security.
  • Adjustable and well-padded shoulder straps which have additional padding on the lower back and shoulder to provide you with lumbar support.
  • There is also the foldable design which will enable you to fold the carrier easily for storage purposes.
  • Also provided are two pockets on both sides of this backpack to enable you to pack your pet's treats and leash.
  • Both men and women can use it.


6. Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch Front carrier for Dogs Easy-Fit Adjustable Dog carrier

Since it is not every pet that can keep the same pace as the owner, it does not mean that they cannot go on adventures with them.

This particular product is the best carrier which you can use for little to medium size pets that cannot take long walks but want to follow you to enjoy the view.

It is a high-quality gear which is ready for any adventure and equipped to perform highly. It makes bringing your dog along with you easy, safe and comfortable.

The front design makes it possible for you to monitor your pet constantly to know when they need water or stretch their paws. It is a lightweight in design with water-proof nylon fabric which is perfect for warm weather, resistant to sweat and excessive heat as you hike.

You can even store your pet's treats and other accessories like poop baggies, keys, and chapstick on the side pockets.

Also, you can stow your other important items like identity cards and cell phone where you can see them in the wider pouch on the front of this carrier. It comes with an interior tether which you can use to secure your pet to prevent it jumping out for escape.

Highlighted Features:

  • There is an interior harness to tether your pooch with comfortable collar clips.
  • The design is the face front types to enable you to check on your pooch constantly.
  • It can carry animals with the size of 0-20lbs
  • Side pockets come in this brand for you to store you and your pet's essentials.
  • It is light in weight and completed with a mesh siding for easy installation and cooling of your pooch during your adventure.
  • The material for the design comes from nylon fabric which is resistant to water, excess heat and sweat.
  • It is the perfect fit for small pets with little paws that cannot walk far distances. 

7. FurryFido Pet Sling/dog cat Sling Carrier

FurryFido comes with a unique reversible design, unlike all the other pet backpacks which make it convenient and has a classic look both inside and out. It has a soft yet sturdy design due to the high-quality material of the production.

The interior is roomier and sturdy at the seams to accommodate long-legged dogs that are up to 18lbs. It also carries the adorable polka dot design no wonder it is a rave amongst pets.

Attached to this product is a safety hook which you can attach to the collar of your dog for safety and security purposes.

You can even wash this FurryFido Pet Sling carrier with your machine and will still look good. With this particular dog sling carrier, you have a hands-free carriage for your pet and a great bonding adventure with your fur friend.

Highlighted Features:

  • There is also a safety collar tether for the safety and security of your dog.
  • It has a reversible sling design that makes convenient for a great look inside and out.
  • The hands-free design makes it stress-free while traveling and easy to take your pet around town.
  • It provides comfort and relaxation to you and your pet all day long due to the soft material cotton cloth of the design.
  • You can even wash this pet's sling with your machine with ordinary cold water, and it will still look good as new.

8. Snoozer Wheel Around 4-in-1 Pet Travel Carrier

Snoozer Wheel is versatile and can serve multiple functions. You can use it as your pet's car seat, backpack, a bed for your pet and as a rolling carrier for your pet effectively.

Its capacity is sturdy to carry a pet that weighs up to 21 pounds comfortably. Whether you have a dog with a large frame or medium size, this Snoozer Wheel will be perfect for it.

The handle is strong, and the body construction comes from durable material. You can even open the top cover of this carrier so that your pet can enjoy the view as it rolls.

There is also an interior leash which you can attach to the collar of your pet for security purposes and to alleviate your worries when the pack is open.

On both sides of this pet's carrier are large pockets for you to store a water bowl, treats, leash, and food for your pet.  You can effectively carry this product to travel on a boat, plane, trains, and automobiles respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can flatten this pet carrier for easy storage
  • It has multiple large pockets where you can pack your pet's essential accessories.
  • It can carry a pet that weighs up to 30lbs since the exterior dimensions are 23 inches H x 15.5 inches W x 12.25 inches D.
  • The material used for the production is microfiber material which you easily wipe and keep clean.
  • It is the perfect airline, train; automobiles and boat carry on traveling.

9. K9 Sport Sack Air| Pet Carrie Backpack

If your pet is aged, suffers from depression, anxiety or is suffering from any physical disability, this specific carrier is for you.

With K9 Sports Sack carrier, you don't need to go through the experience of leaving your fur friend behind. Again, you don't have to suffer through the soulful longing look that your friend will be presenting to you as you leave it behind.

You can take your dog everywhere with you for traveling, hikes, shopping, subways, dancing, motorcycles, and skiing adventures.

No matter the shape or size of your dog, this K9 Sports Sack Air, Pet Carrie Backpack will efficiently accommodate it since it comes in four different sizes.

This product has the original front facing carrier which will provide a dog and its owner closeness and bonding session as the travel, explore and have adventures.

Highlighted Features:

  • The side of the carrier has a soft Velcro material cover with safety lights and custom tags for your dog name.
  • There is also a K9 whistle Clip placed on the carrier's sternum strap.
  • Adjustable Side pockets for stowing away your dog's treats and accessories.
  • The zippers of this carrier are upgraded and easy to pull.
  • The shoulder straps had foam-tek slots and lined with mesh material to keep you comfortable and your pet cool.
  • The safety D-shaped ring collar is added to tether the dog while the sides have maximum ventilation.

10. PetTech Pet Carrier for Small Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens

This carrier is light in weight, the perfect sturdy design provides safety and comfort to your dog and still affordable for all and sundry.

It has the multiple mesh panel design to enable your pet visibility and maximum ventilation. Also added is a sturdy panel which can be folded down to provide the bottom of the carrier with stability.

An easy to wash removable soft cat bed comes with this carrier.

PetTech does not cave-in. Instead, it stands on its own. It has a comfortable design, easy to install your pet inside and do not occupy much space when stored.

The interior is roomy enough for your pets to move about, lie in and to walk in and out conveniently. No matter the place you are taking your pet to, the PetTech Pet Carrier will ensure that it gets there safe and sound.

This product also comes with a good professional customer care service that is always ready to attend to your problems. 

Highlighted Features:

  • This pet's carrier has the collapsible design which enables you to compact it for storage easily.
  • It even comes with a lifetime replacement warranty provision.
  • It has the upgraded extra thickness soft bed design to enhance your pet's comfort and coziness.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable with a durable handle which means that you can take it with you for Vet's appointments, around town or use it at home.
  • It is versatile in functions since it can carry, puppies, small dogs, kittens, the cat even two guinea pigs at the same time.
  • There are several ventilated claw-proof mesh covered windows to provide your pet with proper airflow and visibility.

Things To Consider Before Buying The BEST Dog Backpack Carrier

You should be careful to check the pet's backpack you want to buy so that your dog will be safe.  Before picking any brand, look out for these factors:

  • The Design and Material

The key factor in a pet's carrier is the material used for the design and the design pattern itself. You should go for a lightweight material that is comfortable and relaxing for your dog to feel secure.

Also, check for a design that is comfortable and stress-free for you to the carrier. A material that is strong properly ventilated, easy to clean and claw-proof is the way to go.

  • The Perfect Size

Getting the perfect size of the carrier for your pet may seem like not a big deal, but along the road, you will understand the importance.

A backpack carrier that is too big for your pet will not allow the pet to sit still and secure inside. As for you that will have to carry it on your back, you will suffer a wiggling dog that will be striving for balance and looking for ways of escape.

 It is not good for the carrier to be too small either since it also carries its untold discomforts. Therefore make sure to measure your pet carefully so that you will take the right size.

  • Check the Animal Species for the Carrier

It is not proper to buy a backpack that is for a dog when you have a cat and vice versa no matter the unique design. Each animal backpack has their special design that is vital for their safety and comfort.

  • Consider your pet's Personality

It is important to take note of your pet's personality before making a choice. Is your pet the type to suffer anxiety attacks while traveling?

It will be better to choose a carrier that loads from the top which does not require forceful entry.

  • Consider the Durability

The purpose that you will use this carrier for plays an important role when checking the durability. If it is for air or car traveling, the durability of the material will not be a challenge.

However, if you are to use the carrier to take your pet on hikes or walks, then you should look for a sturdy, comfortable and long lasting backpack.

  • Additional Storage

Having a backpack that comes with extra storage is a big help while traveling or going on adventures with your pet. You can use the extra space to store your items and your pet's essentials.

  • The Zipper that can Lock

Make sure that the backpack you end with is the one that cannot be opened from the inside. If the zipper is not strong, your pet can break it accidentally and jump out. Therefore make sure that the backpack you purchase is sturdy enough not to be opened from the inside.

Now that you know these factors check these ten products and make a good choice.


I love my little dog so much that I go everywhere with her. You also do, and that's why you are here for the best product.

A good backpack will protect your dog no matter where you are going. If you want to hike, ride a motorcycle or even stroll, you can have a wonderful experience with your little pet.

Don't go for any brand that doesn't suit that pet. The important factors are here as you have seen and the ten products you checked are the best in the market.

Pick the one that will suit your dog and have a pleasant experience together. 

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